Fitting session – Behind the scenes
september 18th , 2014

In the beginning of the mount I had a fitting session with one of Sweden’s most famous Stylists Theresia Parsby.

Place: Panorama Hotel, Gothenburg
Time: 12.00-02.00 (nighttime)
Location: The shower
Purpose: Promo pictures for Amaranthe’s upcoming album Massive Addictive

This is what she brought, and I think she made an awesome job. :)

It was an honor for me to wear these clothes on Amaranthe’s so far biggest photo-shoot.


Designer: WHILJA
Handmade! There’s only two of these dresses in the world. One in Black and one in Beige, I wear the black. ;)
Instagram/twitter: Pretto Pr

Designer: MAKE WAY
Neckless designed by: Malin Henningsson
Molino Pr

Designer: MAKE WAY
Molino Pr

Designer: Rut & Circle
Molino Pr

Neckless: Malin Henningsson
Molino Pr

I ❤️ the clothes!


Birthday gift – already!??!? :)
september 8th , 2014


Good Morning, I recently woke up, pretty tired after the weekend in Norway for some reason.. Ok, on the 15:th of October I will have my Birthday. In 2 weeks I’m leaving on tour.. So, I will be on an air-plane and fly back in time, like 12 h (from USA to Japan) so, I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday, and it will only be half time. Haha!! But, today when I woke up I received a package from a friend in Milano. My favorite Victorias Secret smell! Jihaa! (We do not have VS in Sweden!!) Well, I guess I’m celebrating my birthday today then! :D Hihi!


Make-up time!
augusti 29th , 2014

Preparing as much as I possible can for the loooong tour we’re soon about to start. I realized that I was out of my favorite makeup and that I had to order more. I tried this specific brand for the first time during the recording of The Nexus music video, and I got amazed. I ordered a package online as soon as I got back home and I’ve used it every day since. Today I received my second Deluxe package from Sheer Cover Studios. I use makeup mostly on stage, and since I’m on stage almost everyday on tour It’s important for me to use something that’s good, and not harms the skin. Most women probably understands why I use makeup, but to you men I can explain it like this. I don’t have a beard to hide behind, haha! Kidding, the truth is that men also uses makeup in music videos, Television, photo shoots and sometimes also on stage, to cover up redness, pimples and other things you don’t feel comfortable showing in public. ;) The best makeup is makeup that creates a natural look.
I have tried many different brands and usually they sweat of easy, mascara falls down and leaves a black shade under the eyes, and most foundations just doesn’t covers enough. Also most makeup makes your skin look dry, or fat, and the chemicals most manufacturers put in their products covers the pours completely. It means that the pours can’t breath and dirt that’s supposed to come out there gets stuck Inside the skin. In the long run that makes your skin age faster. I can really recommend Sheer Cover to everyone, I use it also in my everyday life. I’m very impressed by the quality and I’m very happy I found something that I can recommend to my friends. You can read more about it online, I’m pretty sure they ship worldwide. Good luck! ;)





Sunday shopping!
augusti 3rd , 2014


Today I had a day off in Gothenburg. I went on a very successful shopping round in the big city. I can confess that I usually don’t have time to go shopping, and where I live the stores are closed at Sundays. If your interested I will tell you what I bought. I found a cosy sweater at Femmedesign, and shoes at Bianco (probably I will use them on stage this weekend). Love them! Also I found a pair of flip flops at a health store here in Sweden called Life, they massages your feet while you walk, incredible! :D I’m gonna wear them on every tour from now on. ;) Actually I bought two, one pair in red and one in black. I also bought body lotion and hand cream from Utekram, it’s a great brand who only uses natural ingredients. Not tested on animals, vegan, 100% biological products. I have used their products for a while now and I really recommend it. The soap, shampoo, balm and shower gel is fantastic as well. Also another favorite product is Sheer Cover, I found it at Hälsokraft. I use it normally to cover small scars, it works great on stage as well. ;)
If you like I’m glad to give you some other recommendations on clothes, accessories and beauty products that I like. :)
Tomorrow I will travel back home to make some vocal recordings (Amaranthe bonus tracks). Then we’re off towards Finlandi!


20140804-013758-5878713.jpg />





High season has begun!
augusti 3rd , 2014

We’re back! After some time in the studio, and some days vacation we just started our Non Stop World Wide Tour, begun with supporting Sabaton in Stenungsund, Sweden, then Varberg (see photo). Great weather, and great audience, I feel so happy! :)
We will continue with shows every weekend the rest of the summer, then we will travel to USA together with Within Temptation and then we play a headline show in Mexico, then Loud Park in Japan on my 30:th birthday!! Then back to the U.S, and so it continues…. You can follow my journey here on the blog, and on Instagram or Facebook.
I hope you all had a wonderful summer so far! See you! ❤️:)



Thank you mama!
juni 23rd , 2014

This Midsummer I got the honor to spend 3 awesome days with my mom. Because of my job we don’t get the chance to meet very often. So when it happens it makes me very happy!
I feel complete with her around me.

Thanks to my mom I am alive.
My mom made me love music.
My mom told me to always follow my dreams.
My mom taught me to be strong.
Thanks mom for everything you’ve done for me. I love you!



Kamelot to Sweden!
maj 19th , 2014


Kamelot hits the mainstage at Sweden Rock Festival, Friday June 6th, 2014
Photo by Jeremy Saffer.


Photo shoot with Am.Creations
maj 9th , 2014


New Photos taken by Am.Creations. Check them out here on my webpage or at Facebook.


Spa sunday maybay
maj 4th , 2014


I love Spa’s, I need one now, it makes me relaxed when I feel stressed, like I do now. I have a extra job at the moment, at the same time as I work on the last Amaranthe songs, I also work with Memorial for a Wish, my own future project and in general thinking about everything I want to do before i Die. Chaos in my head… I need to relax, maybe I will visit the Spa later but first I will eat a big Brunch! :P

Me and my friend Linda Dahlberg in Stockholm. <3



”Memorial for a Wish”
maj 3rd , 2014

I hope you all doing good and that you had a great weekend, and still have! Yesterday I recorded a song for a new project I will participate in. It’s the second part of a Rock/Metal Musical called ”Memorial for a Wish” written by Andreas Nergård. I sing duet with the Swedish singer Andi Kravljaca. The first album was released in April last year and featured Göran Edman, Åge Sten Nilsen, Ralf Scheepers, Andi Kravljaca ++
Tonight I will stay indoor, drink some green tee from Japan and watch Tv. I wish you all a smooth Saturday! ;)



Glöm inte igelkottarna ikväll!
april 30th , 2014

Nu skriver jag på svenska för att Valborg ju är en svensk högtid. :) Igelkottarna älskar att ligga och gosa i majbrasor. Tyvärr vet dom inte om att vi snart kommer att sätta eld på deras nya mysiga hem. Via länken kan ni läsa hur man räddar dessa små utrotningshotade liv.
Glad Valborg. Puss å hej!



april 18th , 2014

Bla bla bla…

Obviously some people commenting on Blabbermouth doesn’t get the point. See this and face the truth. Discover empathy and Sexism.

I really recommend you to read about it if you haven’t heard about it before.


A brand new day!
april 18th , 2014

To all the people and all the GIRLS out their who need support. I brought up this subject to support you. To make you know your not alone.

Woke up to a brand new day today with new thoughts and new emotions. I still believe that the subject we talked about yesterday is important. When I was a kid and a teenager I never used internet. I didn’t even own a cellphone until I was like 16, haha, no I don’t remember exactly. But my god, I can’t imagine what it would be like, and what would have happened to me if I grew up these days, in this cyber/net environment. I just wish and hope that everyone out there who gets treated bad and bully by trolls, or maybe even people they know, that please don’t let them get you. You are not alone, ok! I’ve actually stopped reading comments on YouTube a loooong time ago because I don’t find it intelligent or stimulating to read crap. It’s sad though cause I also miss out on lots of positive comments. Yesterday someone created what was of course a fake account, liked my FB page only to be able to ruin my day. I want to thank EVERYONE who wrote me back, both here and on my Facebook, thanks for your support. I feel so relieved to know that we stand in this together. Amazing feeling to know that we’re all on the same page. At first I felt it be embarrassing to let you know what that person wrote me, it’s very common that you feel shame, that you don’t want to talk about it, keep it inside. I don’t like that feeling, and I know it’s wrong. So, towards Blåkulla, away with the shame, back again with happiness and strength! :) I’m so glad I got you! And whenever you need me I will be here for you. ❤️ Happy Easter!




Internet hate!
april 17th , 2014

I just wrote in my previous post that I love people. BUT I got a reminder today… Sometimes when I wake up in the morning some idiotic, sexistic ”hater” have written really bad and disrespectful things on my official Facebook page. Mostly men… I do not in the world understand why?? There must be so many other things and people to hate out there. You have rapists, murderers, those who bully other people (like I experience once in a while), people who abuses children and animals… Cancer!! Do I need to continue?

It’s an ever lasting question to me why some people loves to write fucked up comments to someone they actually don’t even know. One thing they usually have in common is that they are sick or jealous. Actually I know Amaranthe’s and my fans out there are amazing people. I been touring over 4 years and got the honor to meet the most fantastic people, you know who you are and you know I love you. We, like most people on earth, share the same thoughts and have the same sight on life, I’m very glad because of that. If you feel that you are not one of those people, please just leave us alone and learn to shut the fuck up! Is it so hard, really?

Please if you notice that someone around you writes bad stuff to another on the internet, remind them to think twice before posting it. And to those who are internet-haters, it is a crime in Sweden. Ok, I don’t get many stupid comments on my fb, they pop up maybe once every year. But this kind of comments doesn’t only effect me. This guy do obviously have a really bad sight on women. All I can say to you ”Fito” is …… I think what you wrote and how you react towards me and the band is sad, weak and extremely pathetic. Most of the things people write (like you did) are words you probably would not be cool enough to tell to my face. I hope you are happy now that I gave you some extra attention.

It’s a shame how low some people can go…

The most important for me right now is to do my best to STOP this kind of stupidity. It makes a lot of people very hurt, and depressed, nobody deserves to read shit like this. I have to post this so that at least I show that it happens to me, and that I don’t think it’s OK!!! So just stop Internet bullying people and STOP insulting woman. To many have already got seriously damaged and even committed suicide (mostly young women/girls) because of this phenomena ”Internet hate”. I’m 100% against both Cyber bullying and Women’s Oppression. We need to say NO as soon as we notice there are people out there continuing feeding it.



Home sweet home
april 16th , 2014

I posted this picture on my insta and Facebook yesterday. Right now I’m in a classical small Swedish village, it’s very well known for it’s Dalahästar, hard bread and Midsummer (maypoles like on the picture). I love this village, it looks the same as it did 1000 years ago. Our apartment is based in one of the oldest buildings, in the ”city”. I can see the beautiful sea from the window. We have an open fireplace inside that I love, especially in the winter, and right underneath us is a clothing store where I work a little extra when the boss needs my help. As you might have noticed I love people, and clothes, so to be in the store is very fun for a change. I worked as a waitress a couple of years. One summer I worked selling ice cream and I gained 10 kilos because I ”tasted” the ice cream every day.. haha. During high school I worked as a cleaner and Operator-Assisted Calls, so I would confess I’m pretty good at service minded jobs. ;) Do you need me for a job I can clean your house, sell your clothes, serve you dinner and answer your phone! ;D Hehe, I’m a workaholic I know. I just came back from a busy tour and all I can think of is ‘give me a job’!! Tomorrow I’m going to the gym for the third day in row, feels nice. Now I will try to get some sleep. Good Night, sweet dreams.



US Tour with Within Temptation!
april 15th , 2014


In the fall Amaranthe goes on a guest tour with Within Temptation.



Last show outside Paris
april 12th , 2014

Le Forum – Really nice venue, celebrating 20 years this year! Thanks everyone for all the joy! It felt great to be back in France and to meet old friends. :)





april 11th , 2014

We had a day off in Nottingham before show day, so first I went to the gym with the Smash guys, then we had dinner and then we visited the cinema looking at Noah. I really liked the movie, especially the message. It was sad and emotional to me.
The show was great, I loved the audience. Wish to come back soon. Oh by the way Fredrik made a tattoo and I bought a wig! XD






april 9th , 2014

Got a guest in the bus today! Always nice with some new blood around. ;) I woke up at 6 in the evening. Had to stay awake all night because of the boarder and the fairy. I stayed awake watching the sunrise over England, it was very beautiful. Later in the evening we went out and looked at a band playing. The day after I went out shopping, fantastic city, I bought some clothes and then I had the biggest dinner so far, all by my self. The show went great, always so great to see so many people on before undiscovered soil.




Day off in Calais
april 8th , 2014

We stopped by in Calais on our way from Germany back to England. Our plan was to stay at the beach, but when we arrived it was rain and thunder. It stopped rain in the afternoon so I went out and took some pictures after having dinner with the boys, and the bus drivers girlfriend. :) I can imagine how nice it must be in Calais a sunny summer day on this beach. Still very beautiful after a rainy day in April.








april 7th , 2014

Last show in Germany! I must say that Germany has delivered on a very high level generally on this tour. Enthusiasm 5/5, noisiness 5/5, happiness 5/5, sing along 5/5, I would give you 5 out of five in every aspect. I will miss you! Also we had what I know 2 sweethearts from Belgium coming seeing us on a couple of shows. :) Thank you for being so sweet!! And thank you for the ‘Amaranthe’ beer!!




april 6th , 2014

Right after the show in Berlin we went to a hotel at Berlin airport, 3 h sleep, lobby call at 04.45… Flight to London, got picked up by the tour bus at the airport at 10.30-ish. Arrival at O2 Academy around 12, power nap, meet and Greet at 14.45, then 15 Interviews. Wao, busy busy… I’m happy I got lots of energy from all the nice people we met! I didn’t have time to go out and buy any food so instead I ate a protein bar, drank lots of red bull and a huge Starbucks coffee. So far the most busy day on this tour. The show went great after all, London is the shit! Audience was amazing! Thank you all!!







april 5th , 2014

Wake up call 10.00, I was actually feeling very sick. Some of the boys are sick right now and I am afraid this could be the end of the so far ”Healthy tour”. But after 4 h sleep, lots of fruit, great food and a bottle of Champange I felt a lot better! I’m happy I managed to do the show. The audience was fantastic! Thank you all!!


april 3rd , 2014

Sightseeing day again! Love Spring, love Prague! The day was Queen, we ate fried cheese, actually one of my favorite dishes, and made some shopping, not big enough since when I went back to the store to buy some really nice things I saw, the store was closed. Audience were amazing! Hope to be back here very soon to see you all again!






april 1st , 2014

Thank you sweethearts! You really made this evening unforgettable. I can’t wait to be back! :)



Day off in Vienna
mars 31st , 2014

Mm, had dinner at Medusa with two friends from Vienna! So good food, and after that we visited two very classy bars ala Elize. ;) On the picture I am drinking a very good old school banana-milkshake! Yammay!




mars 30th , 2014

Vienna before and after show! Slept till 2, ate lunch, did some workout in the sun, ate dinner, took a power nap and then show time! :) Haha! Great audience, thank you all!




mars 29th , 2014

Sightseeing with some of the guys. We took the train to the city and spent the day walking in the sun, I ate a Tomato soup and drank some coffee. Also we visited Hofbrauhaus! Beautiful city, wao! :)




mars 29th , 2014

Great day, after all. When we arrived at the venue some of us walked to the city. Another beautiful and cute city!! I bought oil for my hair and a couple of deodorants without silicon and aluminum, amazing! Haven’t seen that in Sweden yet. Back at Kaminverk we ate dinner, and then finally we played the show. It was fantastic! Every time I see the audience I understand why I’m on tour. It’s an wonderful feeling to see all the beautiful people sing along and smile. :) You all made my day. Thank you for coming to the show and for supporting us, we love you!! And btw, next time I hope I won’t miss the fact that the club close early… When I came back down after showering and changing to say hello, everybody had left the building. :(
I’m looking forward to come back for a revenge! ;)




mars 28th , 2014

Ok, life on tour is NOT perfect! Today we had our first fight!! Someone pooped in the toilet where your not allowed to poop! If you do that, or/and throw paper in the toilet, it takes about 6 h to clean the small pipe the water floats through. This big brown poop caused problems for the whole bus this morning. Mostly me since I can not just throw out my penis and pee in a bottle or by the highway. I need a toilet. Well, I walk down to the bus driver and ask him to find a place where I can pee. He freaks out and starts screaming at me cause he thought I had an ”attitude”… He was of course upset like hell himself. Most of all it makes me so extremely sad to know that one person on this bus is a big fat liar. Somebody pooped in the toilet, and everybody denies it!?!?!?!? GAAAH, It means that someone is LYING!! I hate when people are lying, it’s the worst thing I know! Today is so far the worst day on this tour. One of the reasons I started this blog is because I need to feel some kind of freedom to express myself in any situation. I’m the only girl here and right now I feel like there is no one here I can trust. I hope you who read this doesn’t get disappointed by the fact knowing that life on tour is NOT perfect. ;)



mars 27th , 2014

Wao, I’ve never seen such a beautiful little village! We went for a walk up the hills. Spring in the air, smell of flowers and the sun shining over snow covered mountain tops. Like a dream! The venue was nice, great food, great staff. The smallest audience so far, but defiantly a day and night to remember.







mars 26th , 2014

Is my favorite type of work out! Also Body-balace, try it if you haven’t, it gives you long sleek muscles and makes you flexible.



mars 26th , 2014

Work out with the guys!
As usual we arrived and I woke up at 1. After breakfast me and some of the guys did some work out, it’s important and it makes your performance ability on stage a lot better;) See you tonight at Liveclub outside Milano!





mars 25th , 2014

Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland today! We are feeling great! We had a travel day yesterday and some time to rest. This place is ledgendary, I played here for the first time in 2010 with Kamelot. :) They have really old photos on the wall here, for example this 10 year old pictures of Lacuna coil, and a 9 year old picture of Simone Simons, so cool! :D




mars 23rd , 2014

7:th show on the tour! 14 to go…
We are playing the 7:th show today, 3:rd show in Spain. It’s been going great so far! Thank you all for supporting and spreading your love and energy to us! Took a picture of the adorable welcoming team, you guys rocked! See u soon! :-)




mars 22nd , 2014

So we just arrived at Sala Arena in Madrid. Today we have lots of interviews and a photo shoot before the show. We played in the same venue almost exactly one year ago. Both me and Johan are exited to be back so soon! ;D




mars 21st , 2014

Amaranthe arrived in Bilbao late yesterday. Everybody went out on a dinner, extremely good food and Spanish wine. After the dinner we visited three different rock bars! :-) We are all loaded with lots of positive energy and ready to rock Club Rockstar tonight.




Teddy :)
mars 20th , 2014

I received this cute Teddy bear from Christian yesterday! Thank you! :)




mars 20th , 2014

Thank you Bochum and Cologne for two amazing evenings in Germany! :) ) Amazing weather yesterday, I was sitting in the bus enjoying the sun. I also met Honken, my life savior;) Now we are on our way to Spain in the bus. It looks like 20 degrees outside so I hope we at least can get 20 minutes break in the sun. We’ve driven 12 h now, 20 more to go…




mars 18th , 2014

We have entered Bochum! Breakfast was really good! I took a shower, feels awesome after 9 h on the train and then 17 hours on the tour bus. :) Now I’m going to answer an interview and then I guess it’s time for sound check!




Bye Sweden!
mars 17th , 2014

So, time to leave Sweden. After a wonderful weekend in Ängelholm it’s now time for me to travel to Hamburg and meet up with Amaranthe, Red Car and Deals Death. Buy buy!



mars 15th , 2014

Wonderful evening at Ekebo yesterday! Thank you all for coming and thank you for being who you are! :)

Pictures taken by Rock Photographer Satanja




mars 12th , 2014


Jaja, just me being in heaven for a while at ”Melodifestivalens” after party this weekend. To the left we have the International superstar fashion stylist Jonas Hallberg. And to the right Top fashion designer Lars Wallin.

Just check this out and you’ll understand why I love them! ;)


mars 12th , 2014


I posted this picture on my Instagram the other day, but I just have to say again, wao what a feeling! To see the first flowers coming up really means that it is Spring time!! =) I love Spring and Summer! Today I’m packing my bags, tomorrow the long tour starts for me, five weeks away from home. I can tell it’s chaos, but to think about the little flower and see the sun shining through my window brings me a sense of calm and hope. It also made me aware of that it will be even warmer in some of the countries we around Europe we are going to, so I need to pack light clothing’s. I’m excited. :)


Good morning coffee
mars 10th , 2014



I am sitting in the sofa and drinking my morning coffee, this is the kind of things I won’t be able to do for a month on the tour. Small things that makes life ”different” on the road. I’m loading my batteries by taking it as easy as possible before I’m off to Europe! See you soon.


bandit rock awards 2014
mars 9th , 2014


The 8:th of mars 2014 Bandit Rock Awards brought me one of my finest and most special moments in life. Amaranthe was nominated in three categories, best album, best artist of the year and best live-act. That it self made us very grateful and happy. Also that we got the honor to open the Award by playing three songs was huge fun. Ghost and In flames beat us. I was sitting backstage and eating chips, then when the award was almost over, I went to say hello to a couple of friends, but I got told to stay in the backstage. I had no idea what was going on, but I thought aha, maybe this has something to do with the International woman’s day, and maybe they want all the women to go up on stage together… :D Coming closer to the stage I could hear that there was still prices left to be hand out, and I could hear them reading a motivation for the next winner, I couldn’t hear it all, but I did hear ”work with Takida, Renegade Five, Kamelot and Amarnathe. Bandit Rock & Role Model of the year goes to”… And then they called MY name! I got chocked, touched and extremely happy. I can’t describe how grateful I am to receive this kind of award! Its the best price I ever won. It has always been important for me to have a role model, and trying to be one myself. Especially as one of very few women in this genre I’ve seen it as even more important. All I ever wanted and still do is to make a small change in peoples lives. As well as in my own. This price goes therefore straight into my heart, to know that people have seen me and appreciates what I do just can’t make me any happier. Thank you Bandit for showing appreciation in this most amazing way. I’m still a bit red on my cheeks. I will shelter and try to defend this titel for as long as I live. <3

Vinnarna i BANDIT ROCK AWARDS 2014:

Årets Svenska Genombrott: Ghost

Årets Internationella Genombrott: Black Veil Brides
Årets Svenska Liveakt: In Flames(Official)
Årets Internationella Liveakt: Rammstein
Årets Svenska Album: Ghost
Årets Internationella Album: Five Finger Death Punch
Årets Svenska Artist/Grupp: Ghost
Årets Internationella Artist/Grupp: Five Finger Death Punch
Bandit Rock & Role Model: Elize Ryd Off. Page
Bandit Legend Award: Vinnie Paul

Årets Mest Spelade Låt På Bandit 2013: Halestorm ”I Miss The Misery”
Årets Bästa Publik: Alla På Bandit Rock Awards 2014


Homecoming dinner and movie night
mars 7th , 2014


Today I been working in the office again all day. I actually woke up at 1, since I didn’t go to bed until 6 in the morning yesterday. I was writing some music, and for some reason I always get more creative during the night. My love came back from a game in Gothenburg at 6, and then we went to Rättvik and had a very nice dinner at ”Görgen på Höjden”. This restaurant is one of my favorites. They only serve food produced in Dalarna (local food). When we got back home we looked at a docomentary movie called ”Blackfish”. Amazing, but also very sad, but very important, see It if you haven’t. Its about how Sea world treats their orcas, it’s terrible. I do not like Circuses, I do not like Sea world or similar places like Sea world, it’s awful that human uses animals to earn money. Time to hit the bed. Bandit Rock Awards tomorrow and the train leaves at 9.15 towards Stockholm. Good Night!


Work, work, work
mars 6th , 2014


It might seem like I have a couple of days of, but that is not true. Right now I’m in the studio recording vocals on ”Docker’s Guild”, one of the very exiting projects I got the honor to participate in this year. :) Read more about Docker’s Guild at or visit their Facebook page


Six years as one
mars 5th , 2014


6 years ago I met the love of my life. The story is not complicated or dramatic in any way. I saw this guy and I fell in love immediately. He’s been supporting me and my journey as a touring artist from day one. I am grateful. Soon I’m leaving for another month on the road. 


Finland! =)
mars 5th , 2014


And the European Tour has officially started! We, Amaranthe, visited Helsinki and Lahti this weekend. Both gigs felt amazing, and now I am not talking about my own stake but the audiences. It amazes me every time to see how the audience grow, and it makes me so happy since that must be a sign that what we do must be something good. I love the songs I been creating together with the boys in Gothenburg, and to see other people sing along to them is just by it self amazing. Thank you also RADIO ROCK for putting The Nexus back on your track list, Laura you Rock! ;) I really looking forward to come back to our second home, Finland. Love you sweet people! Oh, also I have to add that I used my new in Ears for the first time, Ultimate Ears UE7. Sounded amazing. Easily  worth 1200 Euros.


Towards Helsinki!
februari 27th , 2014

Morning Coffee at Starbucks

Im leaving, first train to Stockholm, then the boat. So we will arrive tomorrow morning. Im looking forward to it! :) See you soon!


Josefins Birthday party!
februari 27th , 2014


Yesterday I worked all day with lots of stuff that needed to be done in the office. In the evening I got invited to my friends Birthday party. My so called Sis, she turned 19. It was super nice, we ate homemade pizza and and a magical cake made by her grandma, so good! Also we talked about ghosts and other over natural things, like you use to when you turn 19 right. :D I took a picture of her with the new bag she got, and the Victoria’s Secret package is from me. She got Sheer Love body mist, I use it my self, it smells very fresh. Around 24 we left. Today Im going to Helsinki, Finland, having a show there tomorrow.. ;)


Swedish Grammy Awards 2014
februari 26th , 2014


Thank you all who made my first Grammy Award experience fantastic! Amaranthe were not nominated in any category this year, so we had nothing to be nervous about. I’ve had the time of my life since I love to meet new people, dress up, party and drink champagne! I was really in heaven. Sweden have many Artist to be proud of. Congratulations to Håkan Hellstöm and Jenny Wilson who won three Grammys each.


A wonderful Time in New York!
februari 26th , 2014


Hello my friends!

Ive had a wonderful time lately! Its the first time in 4 years Ive actually had some vacation. Me and J. went on a trip to New York. I met three wonderful people at Spinefarm Records. The office was amazing, and after the meeting we went out and ate Mexican food and drank Margaritas.

Me and J. continued to take a look at Brooklyn Bridge! Such and amazing bridge, and the history behind it to.

I have a cousin who lives in New York, she works as a Top-model. She took us around the city, and we got the chance to meet her friends! They were super duper sweet! We had such a good time. We almost got the chance to say hello to Leonardo Dicaprio, one of my biggest Idols, but he was unfortunately out of town.

The Storm came – and we did not know what to expect! I was actually a little bit scared, but.. That storm was nothing different from what we experience in Sweden almost every day during winter time. A lot of wind, and snow, and water. So, we went on a shopping trip in SOHO, and it was great, It felt like we almost got the town by our own, since all the Americans stayed in door all day. We planned to go and see a musical that evening, and I have many musicals I really wanted to see, but the most popular one ”The Book of Mormon” was sold out, But.. We thought that maybe they can give us some tickets for tonights show since because of the storm many people probably have to cancel their tickets. Apparently it was more bad on the rads, a lot of water and slush made it hard for drivers to drive. So like we thought, they did have 2 tickets for us. That was incredible since the shows been sold out for months and we knew it was impossible to get tickets. But thanks to the storm.. It was an amazing show, I loved it! Next time I visit New York I want to see Wicked. Cant wait to go back.

I also visited an amazing studio right at Times Squared, a well known producer showed me some of his songs. I´m interested in recording a solo-album and I thought it would be amazing to have an american songwriter on board my project.

Valentines Day – First of all, our flight got cancelled. So we had to stay an extra day. So we took the opportunity to visit Top of The Rocks! Me and x went up on the highest level and looked at the view over New York City. It was so beautiful! In the evening we had dinner at an Italian restaurant, best food on the trip.

After a couple of hours sleep we checked out from the hotel, took our bags, jumped into a taxi and left to the airport. Puh, Its nice to be away, but still so nice to come back home.

When we landed, all the trains had already left to where we live, so we had to check in at the airport and sleep another night in an hotel. The next morning we took the train at 10, and finally we arrived, I crached into the bed and slept all day… I only had one day to recover from the yet leg before it was time to go to Stockholm and the Swedish Grammy Awards..  :)


februari 26th , 2014


Välkommen till min blogg! :)


Svt 1 at 20.00 tonight!
februari 23rd , 2014


I am so extremely honored to be a part of this show, its been going for ever and never looses its popularity. ”Så ska det låta” have been one of my favorite TV programs since I was a child! I always dreamt to be in it, and my dream will come true tonight. Beyond my imagination I will compete with and against three of Sweden’s most fabulous and warm artists, Rickard Söderberg, Anna Book and John, Johnel, Lundvik!

See the whole program here:


Så ska det låta!
februari 22nd , 2014

Me and Johnel are warming up the vocal cords!